The Proof

Zach Reitano, Founder at Roman


Zachariah Reitano is the CEO & Co-Founder at Ro, the mission-driven healthcare technology company behind Roman, Zero, and Rory. Ro handles everything from online diagnosis to the delivery of medication. Since January 2018, Ro has grown 720% and is on pace to do tens of millions of dollars in revenue. The company has raised $91.1M in VC funding to date and has scaled from 5 to 100 employees in one year.

When he was 17, Zach found out he had an undiagnosed heart condition that manifested itself through erectile dysfunction. He launched Roman with a mission to provide the most seamless and affordable way for men to receive healthcare treatment and start them on the path to identifying the root cause and living a healthier life. Smoking is a root cause of ED so with Zero, Ro utilized existing infrastructure to build the most comprehensive online smoking cessation program to quit smoking.


On walking to work. "Echo, stop.” The first thing I do is feed my toy Australian shepherd, Thor, while brushing my teeth. I started doing this when he was a puppy and now has the cutest pavlovian response to my brushing my teeth — he loves his toothbrush pets. On Mo/We/Fri, my partner Cleo and I exercise and Tues/Thur we read. I then turn on an audiobook and walk 25 minutes to work, regardless of the weather. The walk to work helps clear my mind, even in freezing cold.

On managing daily stress. Stress is inevitable. In fact, I think you need it. Just not too much of it. The key is to take a beat and try to step outside yourself for a moment when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed. You also need to find more substantial activities that can ground you during larger periods of prolonged stress (rather than a single day or moment).

For me, these include exercise, long walks with my partner Cleo and our pup, and video games with my best friend. Lastly, I highly recommend getting an executive coach.

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On the one habit he’s removed. No social media. I never felt good after spending time on social media. This is probably more of a reflection of me than social media but the life I want to live is right in front of me.

On his mission statement. My life's mission is to bring personalized healthcare to everyone on the planet. Essential to changing the way people experience healthcare is a fundamental understanding of why people want to be healthy. No one dreams about a blood pressure of 120 over 80. You don’t lie awake at night thinking about the possibilities of a low deductible plan.

You dream of playing with your kids, hanging out with friends, starting a company, or climbing a mountain. Simply put, people have life goals, not health goals. I want to devote the rest of my life to helping people achieve those goals by turning the luxury of high-quality health care into a commodity.


On his dress code. I don't choose what clothes to wear. I only have 3 pairs of the same pants (I rotate), one pair of shoes for each occasion (work, gym, rain), and plain t-shirts (mostly black). Basically, I can get dressed in the dark and I’d be happy with any combination of anything in my closet. The fewer the decisions I have to make the better and it saves me time.

On his life’s motto. “When there is doubt, there is no doubt.” Most decisions in life are easier than we make them. Should I hire this person? Is this investor interested? If you have to ask, then the answer is obvious. When there is doubt, there is no doubt.

On podcasts before bed. I wish my nightly routine was more interesting but I don’t really prep for sleep. I finish work around 12 to 1 am, brush my teeth, and climb into bed. To slow down my brain a bit, I put in a completely meaningless podcast (usually sports commentary) and fall asleep in about 5 to 10 minutes.

— Zach Reitano, CEO & Co-Founder at Ro