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Mark Cuban, Investor & Entrepreneur

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Mark Cuban is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and avid sports fan, with a net worth of $3.9 billion. Mark owns the Dallas Mavericks and is a permanent panelist on ABC’s Shark Tank, where he’s personally invested in over 70 startups.


On his morning routine. The first thing I do is get up and see my kids before they go to school, sometimes driving them when needed. Then I grab my decaf coffee and Alyssa's healthy cookies. I have the same routine every morning. Then I start my emails and go through them while CNBC is on the TV.

On advice to founders. My best advice is to know your business cold. Know your industry cold. Be a great salesperson and always do the right thing. The best entrepreneurs take the time to learn and understand their customer’s business and how their product can make that business better. Selling is not convincing, it’s helping. If someone’s product reduces another’s stress, they’re a good salesperson.

On habits to de-stress. I focus on three habits. One, I work out. That can be one hour on an elliptical, playing basketball, or taking Rise Nation’s VersaClimber class. Second, I read. Right now I’m reading The Storytelling Edge by Joe Lazauskas, The Once and Future Worker by Oren Cass, and The Great Revolt by Brad Todd. Third, I play with my kids. Pretty simple stuff.


On prioritizing time via email. To protect my time I rarely do meetings. I try to do all I can via email, which lets me have complete control of my time. It’s more efficient. And most importantly, I have a searchable record I can go back to. Finally, in terms of scheduling time, my priority always goes to my family.

On his core values. I try to be true to myself all the time. What I mean by being true to myself is to be nice. Take care of your customers. Don’t take shortcuts. I always come back to this: be nice.

On catching a game before bed. I'm usually in bed by midnight. Before I’m in bed, I try to get on the elliptical while I'm watching NBA games. Then I wind down and get to sleep. So far, I haven’t tried meditation or journaling before bed. If I haven't worked out that day, I'm usually a little grumpy.

— Mark Cuban