The Proof
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KJ Sidberry, Investor at Forerunner


KJ Sidberry is an Investor at Forerunner Ventures, the leading early-stage consumer VC in the country. In 2018, the fund closed a much-anticipated $360 million growth fund. Before joining Forerunner, KJ spent time at BCG and Accenture, and holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Harvard.

Forerunner’s portfolio includes notable investments in Warby Parker, Hims, Ritual, Away, Bonobos, Glossier, Neighborhood Goods, Dollar Shave Club, Outdoor Voices, Lumi, Nécessaire, and Curology.

On his morning ritual. My morning typically consists of cooking breakfast (I try to start early to squeeze in four meals/day), catching up on news, and taking a long shower to signify the start of the day.

On work-life balance. By actively carving time out of my day for a workout, no matter how large or small. For me, workouts serve the dual purpose of maintaining my mental and physical health so it becomes easier to prioritize. Sometimes, it could mean compromising sleep or some social engagements but it’s often worth it and I can usually backload many of my other priorities into the weekend.

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On his life’s motto. “Live thoughtfully.” I find it super easy to fall into the trap of a routine or status quo (both socially and professionally) without giving due thought to the why or how. It’s important to make sure that any engagement, step forward, action, or move is meaningful, thoughtfully considered, and aligned to your goals and intentions.

On variable training. The trick for me is to keep my routine highly variable. Repetition dulls my motivation so I oscillate among martial arts (Muay Thai, mixed, boxing, and krav maga at the moment), instructor-led weight lifting classes, and HIIT workouts that my gym offers. More recently, I’ve opted into a more strict weight lifting training regiment to hit my goals for March, but shortly thereafter, I intend to return my normal “do a little of everything” programming.


On his eating habits. I’ve discontinued eating carbs at every meal. Simple carbs like white rice formerly comprised the bulk of my dishes, so I’ve challenged myself to find alternative ways to feel full and energized with other food types, namely healthy fats and additional vegetables.

On stretching before bed. My sleep routine usually consists of some light stretching - I’ve been told that I’m really tight and I think everyone could benefit from incorporating some stretching into their daily lives - catching up on some articles that I’ve saved throughout the day, and usually lighting a candle or two until a few minutes before I go to sleep. I’m a huge scent person and find that calming aromas can be therapeutic after a day of heavy activity.

— KJ Sidberry, Investor at Forerunner Ventures