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Andrew Dudum, Founder at Hims & Hers

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Andrew Dudum is the Founder and CEO of Hims and Hers, men’s and women’s modern wellness brands that provide access to medical-grade products and preventative solutions via telemedicine. The idea for Hims came after realizing that none of Andrew’s friends or peers broached uncomfortable - yet common - issues like hair loss and erectile dysfunction. He also realized there was a huge gap in terms of education in the men’s care industry.

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur. Previously he co-founded Atomic, a venture-builder in San Francisco backed by Peter Thiel and Marc Andreessen, and is an active Angel Investor and Advisor to over two dozen startups. He co-founded in 2013, one of the top iOS productivity apps across 95+ countries, and earlier in his career, led product at through their acquisition by Telefonica.

In 2007, he founded, the first not for profit micro-lending platform for the Middle East. Andrew attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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On his morning routine. I typically like to start my day with a quick workout, followed by morning meditation. I work out three times a week at 7 AM, which typically consists of circuit training in the yard at my house or running the stairs outside in Noe Valley. I follow that up with a 10-minute meditation session with Calm. It's a huge energizer for me in the morning and helps establish a balanced, productive day.

After I shower and apply my hims vitamin c serum and walk out the door, I always swing by Philz Coffee around the corner for a pour over, and jump on Twitter to get up-to-speed on what’s going on in the world. For me, having a routine and working out are essential to getting off on the right foot.

On accelerated learning curves. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset, ever since I was little. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs who started their own businesses and instilled that spirit within me. My sisters actually deserve the credit for pushing me to take care of myself and inspiring the idea for Hims. At Wharton and early on in my career, I was completely focused on learning how to build companies, bring products to market and iterate on consumer experiences. I’ve also been extremely focused on building strong teams - and that’s reflected in our leadership at Hims and Hers. 

There's a saying, “Talent is universal, opportunity is not.” If you want to build a really successful company, you’ll need the smartest people to help you. And, you better be searching through every crevasse to find those people, no matter their background, gender or socioeconomic status.

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On his approach to product development. Our mission across both Hims and Hers is to ensure that men and women have access to effective, evidence-based treatment options for conditions and issues that impact their day-to-day lives. To support this goal, we have a medical board of experts that provide guidance on new products to ensure the highest health standards for our platform and identify ways we can further address solutions to root causes outside of the medical consultation process. 

And, since access to care still poses challenges for many people, we make a point to listen to customer feedback and expand into areas where needs are not being met. We’ve always felt it was important to provide our users with well-rounded options. For example, in addition to prescription medication for hair loss, we also offer an over the counter shampoo and conditioner duo to complete the Hims hair care routine. This conditioner and reformulated shampoo are a direct result of customer feedback.

On combating stigma in wellness. Patient care and safety are of paramount importance to Hims and Hers and we will never compromise on our level of care and safety. In addition to offering access to safe treatment and excellent user experience, we also ensure we're addressing stigmatized topics in a thoughtful, effective way and offering education at every step.

We’ve seen incredible growth to-date stemming from this approach — launching new categories for Hims, expanding the team and introducing Hers in November of last year — but we understand it takes time to break down these issues and “taboo” topics. While there’s still a long way to go, we’re excited to see the enthusiastic response and openness from customers to-date.


On his inner circle. I’ve always believed that your intelligence is a reflection of the people you spend the most time with, so I try to surround myself with people I admire, who are smart, curious and driven. Our Hims and Hers teams are collectively about 60 people now, and I can confidently say that our team continues to push and motivate me, which has been crucial to the growth of the business.

On his sleep ritual. I like to stick to a routine. I listen to music (James Taylor is a favorite), drink tea and get into cozy clothes. I take a few of hims sleep gummies most nights too. Beyond sleep itself, I’ve learned that our skin cells turn over and rejuvenate while we rest, so I use hims wrinkle cream before bed. It’s thicker than an everyday moisturizer but I really just love the way it smells and it helps me wind down before bed.

Andrew Dudum, Founder & CEO at Hims / Hers